A/S Levels and A Levels – Private Tuition English

English literature

Private tuition English at advanced level unlike private English lesson at GCSE level it is a more in depth and gives the student an opportunity to really express their own opinions about the topic they are studying.

In the English private lessons some students express they find studying at A level a relief away from the intensity and prescriptive nature of  GCSE.  As pupils are expected to take 3 to 4 A/S level subjects which allows the student to get more involved in their chosen subject and nicely leads them into their expected majors at university when private tuition English tends to stop.

Unlike GCSEs where pupils are expected to study a range of compulsory subject’s Advanced levels is the pupils’ choice so it is important that more time is taken with the pupil at this stage and explore all their career avenues. I have always felt that English private lessons are under stated yet vital area of activity. It is crucial that pupils make the right A level choice as they will have to pursue that subject for the next 2 years others may be choosing to complete it at Degree level as I did.

As far as English is concerned the Advanced level course has changed dramatically. Private tuition English Modules of work are researched, discussed, planned, written and marked, some under examination conditions others as coursework.  However these modules have to be developed. Students during their private English lesson do not just complete one novel or a few poems, they are required sometimes to read a range of books by a particular author, poet or cover a genre such as horror and read a range of gothic and modern day horror. The essence of original and creative thought is one that is being thought even a genre.

Areas and Prices

South Manchester, Altrincham area including, Bowdon, Hale, Hale Barns, Sale, Timperley, as well as cover areas as Alderley Edge,  Didsbury,  Lymm, Knutsford and Wilmslow, etc. call if you are not sure.

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