Private English tutoring, where most, if not all lessons are one to one and on a weekly basis at an hour per week. I do like to have a detailed dialogue with my prospective pupil in order to identify his/her needs; to ascertain pupils motivation and obligations; their commitment to the lessons as well as discuss their long term goal.

In addition, the very first lesson by the private English teacher is devoted to assessing the learning needs of each student and, after an assessment of their reading and writing skills, to create a tailor made programme of learning which, I feel, will enable the pupil to develop at their own pace. This programme can be altered as and when the need arises. The assessment is usually for an hour and a half.

Obviously, the pace of my private English tutoring will vary and alter depending upon the needs and circumstances of the individual pupil. This can sometimes be taken out of our hands if the pupil is working towards an external examination.

However, as a personal tutor my role is to complement and supplement what goes on in their school classroom. Furthermore my one to one English tutoring experience will allow me to build up each pupil’s confidence, working closely on their learning requirements within the English private lessons provided.

I should add a word of warning:  teaching is a two way process. When Inspectors visit schools to assess the teaching they are also looking at the  learning.  Ofsted Inspectors need to see evidence of both for successful classroom practice. It is not a matter of teachers giving and pupils taking,  there has got to be positive feedback which is confirmation of learning.  The same applies in the private English lesson. In fact,  in some ways it is easier to assess on a one to one basis as the teacher is able get constant feedback from his or her private English pupil. Thus learning can be easily gauged and assessed by the private English teacher and new targets set and agreed, then hopefully achieved by the pupil.

I have found from being a private English tutor that the pupils who are generally the most successful are those who are willing to commit themselves to their course of study. Not completing homework either for school or for their private English teacher means that they are  not committed, neither will they be learning or progressing as they should. This is something I take very seriously. Homework is given on a weekly basis (as are the lessons) and every effort is made to ensure that the homework either complements or reinforces school and/or private work. The role of the tutor is to give value added but it is also to build the confidence of the pupil which will enable the pupil to feel a sense of achievement as their work starts to improve.

Parents do not want their time and money wasted neither does the private English teacher. I want my students to make progress thereby we each gain a successful outcome:  an achieving and confident pupil, relieved and happy parents and a satisfied private English teacher!

In conclusion my role as a private English teacher is to ascertain the needs of the pupil; ensure that those needs are met building up the skills of the student so each pupil begins to understand what he/she is doing at school and then help each pupil to develop in such a way as to build their confidence so that progress is clearly seen and achieved.

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