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teaching english punctuation

Private English Tutoring will help explain why the accurate use of punctuation marks is crucial in writing. Without them, writing does not make sense; can be misinterpreted or can be misleading. Lack of punctuation marks can also mean no break in the narrative and the writing drones on unmercifully to its conclusion. Luckily, regardless of the text, I take a breath.

As a private English teacher I know these small little marks are an important signal and can have a powerful effect upon the reader. As an English teacher, who has had to plough through examination papers which have failed to use any form of punctuation mark, the effect upon me was dramatic – frustration brought on because I was unable to follow the thought processes of the writer. Those clues which we all rely upon, with the aid of the capital letters, were not there. So as a private English Teacher, I was  forced to relegate,  what could have been a promising piece of writing, to a grade that may not truly reflect the pupil’s academic ability.

Starting with the very basic sentence and the use of the full stop, it is important to build each skill along the way.

So when undertaking private English tutoring it is important to ensure that the pupil understands not only the punctuation marks but how punctuation adds to the precision of their writing.  Successful and accurately used punctuation can achieve a number of things:

1.  Punctuation makes the writing clear.

2.  It enables the style and expression to be easily followed

3.  It creates a level of understanding which words do not necessarily achieve.

4.  It can add dramatic force in conversation as it aids the natural flow of speech.

A parallel I shall draw upon is the silence used in a play. Yes, speech can convey a lot, however it is the pauses or silences which can convey so much more – and can create dramatic tension or emotional impact. Similarly the punctuation mark can convey so much more when used carefully and accurately. One needs only to look at the function of the ellipses. Pupils and writers use them dramatically at the end of story or novel as a cliff hanger…

The main punctuation marks are the following:

  1. Full stop [.]
  2. Comma [,]
  3. Question mark [?]
  4. Exclamation mark [ ! ]
  5. Speech marks [ “ ” ]
  6. Semi-colon [ ; ]
  7. Colon      [ : ]
  8. Ellipses   [ … ]
  9. Dash   [ – ]
  10. Parenthesis [ ( ) ]

Private English Tutoring allows me to build on the above and over time create a high level of awareness of punctuation.

Areas Covered

South Manchester, Altrincham area including, Bowdon, Hale, Hale Barns, Sale, Timperley, as well as cover areas as Alderley Edge,  Didsbury,  Lymm, Knutsford and Wilmslow, etc. call if you are not sure.

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