As a private English tutor, there are certain conditions which I feel we both need to understand.  In the classroom, children have little choice as to whether they get on with their respective teachers. Indeed, they may also have no control over whether work gets covered and completed.

However, in the sector of private tuition of English, as parents, YOU have a choice and so do I.

Furthermore as a private English tutor I would like you to be involved in your child’s learning. By that I mean, I will apprise you of the work we have done and the homework set.  Plus I will also say if I am sending through activities or tasks  based on a private English lesson via email. You may need to check that the homework has arrived and your child is attempting to complete it. This will give you insight into your child’s commitment to learning.

If, after a few sessions, I feel that we are not making satisfactory progress: Firstly, I will discuss this with your child. There may be an underlying problem e.g. overworked at school. (Although I do ensure at the end of each session and before giving out any homework that I know the amount of work the pupil has already been given to complete for school that week.)

Nevertheless, there may be other reasons. Therefore as a private English tutor,  I do strive hard to build up a bond with my pupils so they can be honest with me and so we can work together.

Each private English lesson is designed to improve a student’s knowledge. Sadly, if progression is not happening, my second port of call will be you – the parent.  As a parent myself, I know we all want the best for our children. If a pupil is not responding and making any progress even after a discussion with me, I will ask you to intervene and perhaps try to identify the problem. Then we can come to a satisfactory solution.

However if, even with your intervention and discussion, there is a lack of improvement, I reluctantly reserve the right to withdraw my tutelage.

In all fairness and having been a private English tutor for many  years now this has very rarely happened but it is important that I make you aware of the eventuality. Why does this happen? Well, sometimes the child is not ready to take on the responsibility for his/her own learning and usually this is reflected in their schoolwork. However, to put your mind at rest, I repeat – this rarely happens.

Being a private English tutor Prices vary according to the level of teaching required as well as whether it is necessary to travel to your home. Occasionally, I have to mark work outside the session e.g. essays emailed to me urgently to look over.  I do have to charge a fixed price for this.

Cancellation of a private English lesson without 24 hours notice will incur a charge. Messages can be left on answerphone, text,  or email me, again I will need 24 hours notice.

Lateness – again if you are going to be late,  please ring so I can either cancel as another pupil is scheduled after you or I can attempt to put the next pupil back 15 minutes. This is where on-line tutoring can come into its own as the lesson can be altered from face to face in my home to online. However again this does need some notice.

Private tuition of English and One-off Lesson Changes can be re-scheduled but again 24 hours’ notice is needed as it may affect other students whose times could be re-organised. As a private English tutor I do try to be as flexible as possible but I cannot extend time.

Areas and Prices

South Manchester, Altrincham area including, Bowdon, Hale, Hale Barns, Sale, Timperley, as well as areas for online tuition, such as Alderley Edge, Didsbury, Lymm, Knutsford and Wilmslow, etc. call if you are not sure.

Private English Tutor: Contact me now for consultation and prices please call 07944 248917, Or drop me an email.