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Private home tutors have seen over the past 30 years a change in what has become GCSE. As a private English tutor I do believe that 15-16 year olds of to day have been the most examined ever, they are undergoing a large range of examinations and yet they are being constantly told that that the exams are getting easier. It is well known that fact that children in this country are the most over examined in Europe. Yet the powers that be still are unhappy with the quality of the children’s education As private home tutors we have seen a year on year increase in the demand for private English lesson and having been In the education arena for 30 plus years and seen the changes from GCE and CSE to 16+ and finally (well for now) GCSE. That is only the beginning I could go into lengths cataloguing the changes in the syllabus.

The fact is your son and daughter has to deal with what is on the table and it is currently GCSE and being a private English tutor it is my job to make sense of the syllabus and make the necessary lessons appropriate to squeeze the best possible results your child is capable of delivering.

Areas for private home tutoring

South Manchester, Altrincham area including, Bowdon, Hale, Hale Barns, Sale, Timperley, as well as cover areas as Alderley Edge,  Didsbury,  Lymm, Knutsford and Wilmslow, etc. call if you are not sure.

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